Is Your Car Worth Repairing? Questions You May Need To Ask


If you are like most people, you depend on your car every day. Driving your car is often the most convenient, and trustworthy way of getting from point A to point B. Not only does your car provide a mode of transportation to and from work, but depending on your occupation, your car may be a critical part of your business. Unfortunately, if you drive enough miles, at some point in life you will probably be involved in an accident. Depending on the amount of damage your car sustains, you may have to decide if your car is really worth repairing. 

What Will Your Accident Cost?

Each year, more than 2.3 million people are injured, or disabled in auto accidents. These crashes cost more than $230.6 billion each year, averaging out to over $800 per person. These costs are spread over multiple things such as property damage, vehicles that are totaled, or beyond repair, as well as liability claims for personal injury. Along with these costs, studies have shown that in 2013, the average collision claim was in excess of $3,000, and the average comprehensive claim was in excess of $1,600. 

While these averages may not seem to be very high, your collision may cost you more, much more. Unfortunately, if you are at fault, or do not have adequate insurance coverage, you may have to make a decision on how much of these costs you are willing to pay.

How Do You Decide If Repairing Your Car Is Worth It?

If you are dealing with the insurance company, the decision of whether or not they will pay for your car to be repaired is often out of your hands. This decision is often made by the insurance company based on the assessment, and recommendation of the insurance adjuster, or body shop who actually examines your vehicle. 

This decision is often made based on:

  • The amount of damage your car sustained
  • How much your car will cost to fix
  • Whether your car can be repaired safely, and more

Some states actually use a Total Loss Threshold formula that establishes the dollar amount of the percentage of damage, which will cause your car to be declared a total loss. Although, you may also want to answer some of these same questions, there are other variables you may want to consider.

What Questions Do You Have?

Some of the questions you will need to answer prior to making a final decision will have a concrete answer, while other answers will be more subjective.

How much will the repair actually cost? A collision repair shop can often give you an exact number, but you may want to shop around since this cost may vary from one shop to another. Make sure the body shop is not giving you a cheaper price by compromising the quality of work they will provide, or the parts they will use.

How much more life will you get out of your vehicle once it is repaired? If you know that your car had multiple problems prior to the collision that you could not afford to have fixed, this may be a good time to cut your losses, and purchase another vehicle. Your vehicle may be worth more to the insurance company, or as scrap metal, then it will be to you once the body damage is repaired. 

What will your car be worth once it is repaired versus what you will get for your vehicle if you choose not to repair it? Calculating the value of your car is easy using one of the many online tools such as Will the difference between the two values be enough to justify investing in the repair. 

Can you afford a car payment, or do you have the resources to purchase another car? Unfortunately, when you have an auto accident in a car that is already paid for, and you do not repair the car, you may end up with a car payment. Although, the other vehicle may be newer, more dependable, and have more bells and whistles, it will not do you any good if you cannot afford to make the payments. In this case, it may be in your best interest to find the money to repair the vehicle you have and continue to drive it until something else happens.

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2 June 2015

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