Should You Junk Your Car?


If you are driving an older car but aren't sure if it is time to get rid of your ride, you aren't alone. Many people struggle with the decision to get rid of their car or to hold on to it for just a few more years. The decision can be a major financial choice, so you need to carefully weigh your options.

Examine the Costs of Repairs

If repairing the car will cost more than the vehicle's worth, you should lean toward junking the car. The transmission and engine are two common culprits that lead people to junking their cars. Coming up closely behind these essential repairs are bad breaks, broken windows, and ripped up seats. At some point, the cost of repairs will begin to equal the cost of a down payment on a newer car.

Some issues are essentially impossible to totally repair. For instance, if you have a rusty car, you should consider the fact that it may have already begun to break down the car's most important parts, including the fuel lines and brakes.

Consider Safety Ratings

Modern vehicles are typically safer than older cars. For example, a car without airbags is certainly not one you want to have on the road. Newer cars incorporate many more new safety features, including side airbags, back-up cameras, and better stability control.

Plus, breaking down in your car can put you in dangerous situations. You do not want to have to stand on the side of the highway with your family awaiting a tow truck.

Think about How Often You Have Problems

Do you have a check engine light that never seems to go away, no matter what you do? Are you unable to get your vehicle to pass emissions testing? Your car might not be worth the time and struggle anymore.

When you do have repairs, do you have to miss work or pay for alternative transportation? The costs of dealing with an old car can add up faster than you think.

Ask If Anybody Will Buy It

If nobody wants to buy your car, there is probably a good reason for it. Your car might not be worth what you think it is.

Getting rid of a junky car has benefits. You are no longer attached to a vehicle that you don't feel safe or responsible using anymore. It might be time to junk your car.


8 August 2018

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