Selecting The Right Wheels And Tires For Your Needs


It is not uncommon for people to shop for tires by the price but if you want the best wheels and tires for your application, it is important to look at the quality and intended use of the tires and wheels before you buy them. 

Selecting Tires

There are so many different kinds and grades of tires available that it can be very confusing when you start looking at tires for your vehicle. If the vehicle is a street driven car that is not a performance vehicle, the important thing is going to be tire wear and ride quality. You don't need tires that are going to stand up to hard cornering or aggressive driving, so there is no reason to spend that money on them.

For performance cars, you may need a speed rated tire or tires that are geared toward enhancing the handling and performance of the car. The tires need stiffer sidewalls, a more aggressive tread pattern, and the durometer of the rubber may be softer than typical street tires.

Picking Wheels

The wheels you pick for your vehicle can affect the handling as well as the way the vehicle looks. When you are selecting wheels, remember that they need to fit the tires properly so the width of the wheel, the diameter of the wheel, and the backspace or offset are all important. The material the wheel is made from can also be important because a lightweight aluminum wheel is nice on a performance car, but steel wheels like moto metal wheels is a better option for a truck that is driven hard off-road. 

If you are not sure about the offset or backspace for your vehicle, you can talk to the tire dealer and they can help you select a wheel and tire combination that is going to fit properly on the vehicle.

Tire and Wheel Packages

Some dealers will offer tire and wheel packages at discounted prices. The idea is that you get a better price when you buy all the tires and the wheels at the same time. In a lot of situations, you need a wheel that is going to properly fit the tires anyway so if you get a better price, it is hard to go wrong. 

If there is a specific style wheel you want to purchase, ask the dealer if they can offer them in the package deal or not. They may be able to give you a better price if you buy them all together even if they are not listed as part of the deal.


31 May 2019

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