Sell A Car Without A Title

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Are thinking of selling your car but for some reason do not have the title? In most states, it is illegal to sell a car without a title. However, getting a replacement is fairly easy. If your title is being held by a bank against a loan, you may still be able to sell it but you first have to notify your bank of the intended sale. The bank will then be able to explain the procedure and the terms of such a sale.

27 October 2017

Stopping Your Vehicle's Brakes From Becoming Unstoppable While On The Road

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If you just purchased your first vehicle, you are likely to be excited about taking it out on the road to get to your destinations with ease. It is important to be aware of signs of brake wear so you are not left in a situation where you are unable to get your vehicle to stop safety. Here are some ways to keep your vehicle's brakes in the best of condition so they last for a long time and you can minimize your need for brake replacement.

24 June 2017

Buying Your First RV? Must-Have Tools For Your Road Kit

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Buying your first RV from a dealer like Fretz RV can be exciting and may give you a new feeling of limitless possibilities. Along with the freedom that the RV brings, it also brings some responsibilities. You'll need to have some tools on hand to take care of the specific needs of your RV, but many first-time RV owners are unfamiliar with what those needs actually are. Here are some of the most important things you should have on hand before you hit the road the first time.

5 June 2015

Helpful Ideas To Prepare For Financing A Commercial Truck When You Are Just Starting Out

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According to trucking industry experts, it takes $180,000 to operate a commercial truck on an annual basis. Lenders who offer loans for commercial trucks to owner-operators know what it takes to run a trucking business. Therefore, they have strict requirements on who they approve loans for. If you are new to truck driving, you may have a difficult time finding a lender to finance a commercial truck for your owner-operator business venture.

3 June 2015

Can A Buy Here, Pay Here Car Loan Help Improve Bad Credit?

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One of the top ways to fix bad credit is to obtain loans and credit cards and establish a good payment history. However, many people with bad credit are stuck in a catch 22. They need credit to fix poor scores but their poor scores prevent them from getting it. However, if you're in the market for a vehicle, there are some dealerships that offer special financing for people with bad credit.

29 May 2015